Caspio Releases Charts Application for Websites

By: E&P Staff

Caspio Inc., Mountain View, Calif., now offers applications for creating visually appealing Web-based charts and dashboards for any database without coding. The new chart applications enable publication of visual reports to aid users in understanding large data sets.

Step-by-step wizards help to quickly generate the charts and graphs, combining the data search, customizable reporting, and advanced publishing capabilities built into the Caspio platform.

Caspio’s app deployment allows users to embed multiple charts on the same Web page to create dynamic dashboards with rich database features such as ad hoc search, filtering controls, record drill-down, and data download. Caspio says the charts do not rely on Adobe Flash and are fully compatible with any Web page, blog, content management system, or mobile site.

Features Include: various chart types (line, bar, pie, spline, column, step); data aggregation support for sum, average, counts, min/max, etc.; customizable labels, grouping, and rollover data tip; customizable styling; support for large Caspio-hosted databases; support for iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile platforms.

“The new charting features in Caspio allowed me to create a trend-line chart with little effort,” Earnest Hart, assistant managing editor of the Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Miss., said in a statement. “And being able to incorporate an image in the chart helped with the presentation.”

Examples of charts can be seen at Gannett’s Clarion-Ledger and Zanesville (Ohio) Times Recorder, which were among the early users in the application’s soft launch.

The charts feature is available now at no additional charge to Caspio customers. The company’s small-business packages start at $39.95 per month and include unlimited app users. It also offers a free 14-day trial.

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