‘Cathy’ On Mars?

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By: E&P Staff

The Cathy cartoon character is on Mars, thrilled with her weight loss on a lower-gravity planet. That was the winning scenario submitted after The Washington Post’s “Style Invitational” feature asked readers to “transport a comic strip character to another time or place.”

Second place went to a scenario in which the “Zits” comic’s Hector character — who looks a lot like his friend Jeremy Duncan’s father — turns out to be Jeremy’s half-brother.

The third-place submission had Lucy from “Peanuts” busted by medical authorities “for practicing psychiatry without a license after a patient tried to submit an insurance claim for 5 cents.”

Fourth place went to a scenario in which the “B.C.” comic’s cast is moved to A.D. so the cartoonist can “explore Christian religious themes.” Of course, “B.C.” already anachronistically does that on occasion.

And a number of readers had Beetle Bailey and Sarge “not asking and not telling as they ran off to Provincetown together.”

The Post feature, published this Sunday, was brought to E&P’s attention today by ComicsDC blogger Mike Rhode.

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