CBS Poll Puts Bush Approval Rating at 28% — ABC Poll Finds Him Most Unpopular President Since Nixon

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By: E&P Staff

A new ABC/Washington Post poll finds President Bush with the highest disapproval rating among the public since Richard Nixon on the eve of leaving office in 1974. Meanwhile, a CBS poll puts his approval rating at a rock bottom 28%.

In the ABC poll, only 33% approve of his performance while 65% disapprove, a clear 2-1 margin. Just over half “strongly” disapprove and 56% say he can’t be trusted in a crisis.

While presidents Truman and Carter hit low marks, only Nixon in the Watergate era has had a higher disapproval rating since World War II.

Today, 71% say the country is headed on the wrong track. Another record — 64% — now call the Iraq war a mistake, more than said so about Vietnam during that conflict at any time.

“Views on Iraq are so negative that for the first time more than half of Americans, 52 %, say the United States should withdraw its forces to avoid further U.S. casualties, even if civil order hasn’t been restored,” ABC reports. “That potentially could represent a tipping point away from a sense of responsibility for the situation there.” Americans oppose the new “surge” of troops plan by 2-1.

Besides finding his approval rating even lower than in the ABC survey, CBS reported, “Two-thirds of Americans remain opposed to the president’s plan for sending more than 20,000 additional U.S. troops to Iraq ? roughly the same number as after Mr. Bush announced the plan. And 72 % believe he should seek congressional approval for the troop increase.”

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