CCI-Europe Releases NewsGate 2.2

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By: E&P Staff

CCI Europe in Arhus, Denmark, has released CCI NewsGate 2.2, which allows a newsroom to incorporate user-generated content. A CCI customer with a consolidated data center can plan, manage, and share content across all its newsrooms. Open Web Services allow a customer to set up and manage, for example, complete freelancer workflow. NewsGate 2.2 also extends the Adobe InDesign/InCopy-based pagination functionality.

“We are expanding our embedded CCI DigitalPublishing module and we can make any content — published or not — available in a ‘content goldmine’ storage ready for integration with our customer’s Web portal,” Executive Vice President/Development Torben Johannesen said in a statement.

Enhanced functionality in NewsGate 2.2 allows creation of stories for immediate online/digital publishing directly from within the system — using either the embedded CCI DigitalPublishing module or a third-party solution via NewsGate 2.2’s two-way integration package. From NewsGate 2.2 is it possible to enter and edit customer metadata, with one interface combining metadata and content into rich articles of various types. Customers can publish to the Web directly from within the CCI NewsAccess application.

Interactive interfaces make it possible to drag user-generated content, tips or event information into NewsGate. Relevant metadata is automatically mapped, and photos or other attached files are included.

Content residing in NewsGate 2.2 can be made available in a well-structured XML format for integration into a customer’s Web site. It may, for example, be indexed for a full-text search engine already used by the customer’s portal, and made available to consumers as required.

A trend among CCI customers is a shared NewsGate system via a data center — a structure that allows a customer’s newsrooms to share content and collaborate. NewsGate 2.2 provides enhanced support for planning content across newsrooms before that content is ready to share. A user in one newsroom to can create a story folder with material from a story folder in another newsroom. A shared story, photo, graphics and/or multimedia will inherit all changes made to the source content until the content relation is broken by a user in the target newsroom. NewsGate 2.2 provides an overview of where content has been used in any newsrooms.

NewsGate 2.2’s open Web Services allows customers to set up complete freelancer workflows. The Web Services can be used to implement a Web portal where freelancers can view and accept assignments and upload content elements. Another new feature makes it possible to export relevant editorial information to an external system for fee calculation.

Implemented with the JAX-WS toolkit and run on Java EE 5 Web application servers, the Web Services add to existing integration possibilities based on W3C XML Schema-based import/exports accessible though W3C XSLT and W3C DOM implementations.

NewsGate 2.2 ships with an enhanced CCI PageDesign for Adobe InDesign/CCI Edit for Adobe InCopy solution. It also supports use of CCI Edit for Adobe InCopy for write-to-fit on jump stories, and functionality for replacing dummy layout items with live content in a design-driven workflow.

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