Charlotte Paper Obtains Birth Certificate for Alleged Edwards ‘Love Child’

By: E&P Staff

Following up on claims by the National Enquirer regarding former Sen. John Edwards, the Charlotte Observer in his home state of North Carolina posted a story on Thursday revealing that it had taken the extraordinary step of obtaining a certain birth certificate.

It is for a female child born earlier this year to a woman named Rielle Druck aka Rielle Hunter. The Enquirer has alleged since last year that the baby was fathered by Edwards, and routinely refers to it as his “love child” — but no firm evidence for this has yet been produced. Edwards’ friend, a former campaign finance director named Andrew Young, has since said that he is the dad, but the birth certificate, it turns out, does not a list a father.

The birth certificate, obtained by The Observer today, shows that a Frances Quinn Hunter was born Feb. 27 at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, Ca., to Rielle Hunter, age 44. Hunter was a videographer on Edwards’ presidential campaign last year.

The paper’s Web site — which unveiled a long-awaited redesign today — even offers a PDF of the birth certificate. McClatchy Newspapers, which owns the two major North Carolina dailies, has distributed the story to all of its papers.

Asked Thursday why no father was listed, Hunter’s attorney, Robert Gordon of New York, said, “A lot of women do that.” Gordon declined to comment further.

“The Enquirer alleged in a story last week that Edwards visited Hunter and the child at a Beverly Hills hotel,” the News & Observer in Raleigh continues, in its report, “and then was confronted by its reporters as he was leaving in the middle of the night. The newspaper hasn’t published any photos of the alleged encounter.

“On Wednesday, Edwards declined to answer questions about the allegations.”

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