Chicago ‘RedEye’ Inviting Reader Content — Through Facebook

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By: E&P Staff

RedEye, the Chicago Tribune’s standalone free daily tabloid, launched a Facebook application Monday allowing readers a chance to be featured in its mock sports quiz, “Five on Five.”

In the daily feature, five regular RedEye writers or fictional characters such as Bag Boy give smart-aleck responses to five sports-themed questions.

With the Facebook page (at, RedEye is asking readers to give their own responses, which will be voted on by other Facebook users, with the winner getting a chance to appear in the paper as one of the five in Five on Five.

The question on Facebook Monday also appeared as one of the five queries in print: “Danica Patrick winning a race against men is like … ”

RedEye columnist Jimmy Greenfield’s response in the paper was “… Martina Navratilova winning a tennis tournament against women. “

Thursday afternoon, the top-scoring entry from readers was Jonathan Ozeran?s: “…is like Hillary winning…oh, never mind.”

(Entries from RedEye Editor Jane Hirt and its brand marketing specialist, Kevin Leland, were both scored at zero. Ouch.)

The “Five on Five” page is RedEye’s latest use of Facebook, the social networking site which, like the commuter daily, targets a younger, urban, and professional demographic.

A RedEye announcement quoted the frequent “Five on Five” contributor, Bag Boy, who wears a shopping bag over his head: “Facebook is for delusional people with too much time on their hands. That’s why I’m confident all Chicago sports fans will join me on it.”

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