‘Chicago Sun-Times’ Auctions off Prints of Nov. 5 Page One

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By: Dexter Hill

The Chicago Sun-Times is selling a limited number of canvas prints of its Nov. 5 front page — featuring President-Elect Barack Obama with the headline “Mr. President” — on eBay.

The Sun-Times will sell 44 handmade canvas prints, each measuring 30 inches wide by 40 inches high and 1.75 inches deep. Crafted by Printmakers Chicago, the gicl?e prints are coated with a gloss to protect the colors and prevent yellowing and cracking.

A limited number will go on sale each day. Currently, the second through fifteenth Obama prints are up for bidding, and the next set will be made available starting Nov. 25. Thirteen more will go on sale Dec. 2, and numbers 1 and 44 will be auctioned off on Dec. 9. Bidding starts at $350.

The post-Election Day edition of the Sun-Times was one of the newspaper?s best-selling editions ever. The front page was featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” that day, when the talk show host held it up for her viewers. Street sales more than tripled for the Sun-Times on Nov. 5.

?The record sales of the Chicago Sun-Times just underscores the demand by Barack Obama fans across the nation for a strong, enduring memento of this historical moment in U.S. history,? said Willie Wilkov, Sun-Times News Group senior director of promotions and marketing. ?We are pleased to be able to offer such keepsake prints with eBay to people who want premium collectibles to commemorate this occasion.?

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