‘Chicago Sun-Times’ to Enroll 1,000 Kids in Health Coverage Program

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By: E&P Staff

Chicago Sun-Times has partnered with Resurrection Health Care in support of an effort to enroll 1,000 Chicago children in the state of Illinois’ “All Kids” program, which provides affordable checkups, medication, and basic immunizations to uninsured children.

This Saturday, 50 volunteers will be stationed at 40 locations throughout Chicago to enroll children into the program. The goal is to enroll 1,000 children, which according to the Sun-Times, is a only a small percentage compared to those who still need insurance. “More than 200,000 children in Illinois are estimated to have no health insurance coverage,” the Sun-Times said in a statement. “[This] puts them at risk of not getting even the basic immunizations and checkups they need.”

“It is truly, utterly tragic that so many children aren’t getting access to the basic health care they need and deserve,” Sun-Times Editor in Chief Michael Cooke said in a statement. “It is time to change that. These are our children, our neighbors’ children, we are talking about, and we are delighted to help with this worthy cause.”

As of Thursday, the Sun-Times reported that 400 volunteers had signed up for the enrollment effort. The paper had estimated that 300 volunteers would be needed to help families fill out and process the necessary paperwork.

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