‘Chicago Tribune’ Dropping Most Daily Stock Listings

By: E&P Staff

The Chicago Tribune is enlisting in the newspaper industry trend of de-listing stocks.

In a note to readers Wednesday, Jim Kirk, the paper’s associate managing editor for business, said that effective Jan. 18, the Tribune will no longer publish on Tuesdays through Fridays a compete listing of closing prices of the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ stocks, nor of the major mutual funds.

A complete listing of those prices will be published on Saturday, Kirk wrote.

During the week the paper will carry only the closing prices of “top” stocks and mutual funds; the most active stocks; and companies of local interest. “Much of the granular daily information on stocks will be available on chicagotribune.com, where readers can get a much wider and more complete range of information,” Kirk wrote.

Kirk said the Tribune is dropping most listings because they are available on the Internet, and to save on newsprint. “The cost savings associated with the changes will enable us to bring you a more complete financial news report,” the business editor wrote.

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