Chinese Newspaper Jin Wan Bao Goes Live on Atex Advertising

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By: Press Release | Atex

Jin Wan Bao, one of the 10 largest newspapers in China with a circulation of 900,000, is using Atex Advertising to control its entire advertising operation, from ad order-entry to placement and billing.

With Atex Advertising, Jin Wan Bao has streamlined the operational workflow by eliminating manual processes involved with tracking duplicate bookings and consolidating data for advertising reports.

As Atex’s Advertising system manages more of the advertising workflow, Jin Wan Bao has reallocated employees to concentrate on more demanding tasks that require greater attention. As a result, the company has decreased the amount of lost revenue by minimising mistakes in its billing and production process.

“We are very pleased with the installation of our Atex Advertising system, which has significantly simplified the workflow in our advertising department,” said Zheng Wei, Project Manager for Jin Wan Bao. “Now with the new computerised system, many manual tasks have been cut and proofreading, which is done by the system, can now easily detect errors made in the manuscripts.”

Atex Advertising also improved Jin Wan Bao’s customer service operation by providing a single view of all customer information related to activity history, contract terms, relationships with multiple agencies and reports. Because the information updates in real time and is easier to access, customer service employees have greater confidence when working with advertising clients.

“Atex’s Advertising system has proved its versatility to work in different environments,” said Jerome Laredo, CEO, Atex Asia. “This is the first time Atex has installed an advertising system in a Chinese environment and both the Atex and Jin Wan Bao teams worked together to make this go-live a success. I am very pleased to learn that the new computerised system is working productively and Jin Wan Bao management is seeing improvements in the workflow process.”

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