‘Cincy Enquirer’ Backs Obama and McCain


The Cincinnati Enquirer on Sunday endorsed Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama in Tuesday?s Ohio primary.

Both candidates would best serve the constituencies of their respective parties, the newspaper said.

In the endorsement, The Enquirer said McCain has been square with voters about where he stands, citing his views on immigration and campaign finance reform.

?McCain has long enjoyed a reputation, deserved or not, as a ?maverick,?? The Enquirer said in an editorial. ?McCain?s departures from the beaten path have proven, perhaps ironically, to be just what his party?s mainstream voters were looking for.?

Obama, though lacking Hillary Rodham Clinton?s experience, would do a better job of putting the coalitions together needed to make government work, the newspaper said.

?Obama has been on the national stage for a relatively short time, but in that time he has demonstrated an ability and a willingness to work with others. He does not waste time demonizing those with different views,? the newspaper said.
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