CIPS Marketing Contracts with Sun Publishing Company

By: Press Release | CIPS Marketing

LOS ANGELES, California – June 27, 2011 – CIPS Marketing has signed with The Sun News in Myrtle Beach, a division of the Sun Publishing Company and the McClatchy Corporation , to become the exclusive distributor of its weekly TMC and Sunday Select distribution programs. 

Kennedy Higdon, Vice President at CIPS, said “CIPS continues its growth in the Southeast United States with this strategic new partnership with the Sun News. Our presence on the east coast will continue to grow this year and next, making CIPS the only national alternate delivery company to have multiple successful operations on both coasts.”

CIPS Marketing Group, Inc. is the publishing industry’s largest and most trusted alternate newspaper and TMC distributor.  Its weekly distribution of more than 10 million unique TMC packages & advertising circulars to more than 6.5 million households is unprecedented. CIPS has developed the most comprehensive Quality Control systems and has designed the needed delivery and verification tools to comply with all delivery specifications, which include the strictest Do Not Deliver and Paper Pile-Up standards in the industry. CIPS employs the most qualified operational leadership and expertise, and enjoys the industry’s only perfect track record of successful TMC conversions.

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