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By: E&P Staff

New York-based Inform Technologies is partnering with Clickability, a content-management system supplier used by media properties.

Inform is a new technology solution for established media brands that automatically searches, organizes and links content to provide a rich, compelling experience to attract and retain readers.

Under the agreement, Clickability will introduce Inform’s capabilities to media companies that use its content management platform. Clickability clients include and USAToday.

Inform’s artificial-intelligence and natural-language technology uses proprietary rules and algorithms to scan millions of pages of content and identify topics and articles that are similar and relevant to each other. It then creates links within online articles that provide one-click access to new, automatically generated, topic-specific pages, pulling together articles, videos, blog posts and other content on a given subject.

According to the companies, the links and pages encourage visitors to spend more time using media Web sites, which can result in more readers, more page views, more revenue, and more effectively competition with search engines and other sites.

“We believe that by introducing online publishers and others to Inform Technologies, we’re helping them recognize more opportunities to enrich and monetize their online presence,” Clickability CEO John Girard said in a statement.

Inform’s platform continually teaches itself how information is related and automatically updates links and topics as the context changes. Resulting deep and meaningful links help transform a series of Web static pages into a dynamic information hub that remains up-to-date in response to news, trends and changing interests. Pages that Inform generates automatically will appear in searches, driving more readers to the site.

Inform’s Connected Content Solution and Essential Technology Platform are used by more than 50 media brands, among them WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive, The New York Observer, and The New York Sun.

Privately held Clickability, headquartered in San Francisco, delivers a fully integrated, multi-tenant on-demand platform for Web publishing, offering a suite of content-management, ad-server, newsletter, social-media, delivery, and analytic capabilities.

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