College Paper Piece Criticizes Current Comics

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By: E&P Staff

“The Good Five-Cent Cigar” — the student newspaper at the University of Rhode Island — ran a piece about why the comics aren’t so good.

“Most strips are dated and stale,” wrote Justin Pacheco. “When I was younger I was always under the impression that ‘Blondie’ strips were actually set in the 1950s and were perhaps classic comics running in syndication. It was not until I saw Dagwood complaining about cell phones that I realized the shocking truth that Dagwood was living in the present.”

“Blondie” started in 1930.

Pacheco — who noted that 11 of the 21 comics in the Sunday edition of the Providence (R.I.) Journal are more than 20 years old — also criticized comics such as the 1960-launched “Family Circus” and 1978-launched “Garfield.”

He said: “‘Garfield’ is probably one of the stalest strips in the papers aside from ‘Family Circus.’ After 30 years I think we all get it. Garfield is fat, lazy, hates Mondays, and loves lasagna. Also, Odie is dumb and Jon is pathetically lonely.”

But he added: “Like ‘The Dysfunctional Family Circus,’ the Internet helped spawn another great parody of a bad comic strip. ‘Garfield Minus Garfield’ is best described as hilariously depressing. The author digitally removes Garfield from the strip, which usually leaves Jon talking to himself.”

Pacheco did praise newer comics such as “Zits,” “Get Fuzzy,” and “Lio.”

The entire piece can be seen here.

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