Columbus ‘Dispatch’ Installs Harland Simon Impositioning Software

By: E&P Staff

Harland Simon in Oak Brook, Ill., will supply The Dispatch, Columbus, Ohio, with Prima Esprit auto-impositioning and Prima Colorware color-advisory software. The project is expected to be running live by March 2009.

Rather than relying on a catalog of impositions, the system’s algorithm calculates the best way to produce a particular product defined by press capabilities and the preferred printing method, according to Harland Simon Sales Manager Charlie Brackley.

Prima Colorware will provide information, directly or via another supplier’s layout system, on the availability of color and job difficulty. Once defined, a product is transferred to Esprit, which automatically calculates the best imposition for the press – eliminating constant dialogue between a pressroom and the advertising/editorial departments, as well as time-consuming manual production of impositions.

The system enables “the make-up department to generate impositions as well as moving color positions and/or reconfiguring page counts and section breaks instantaneously,” Dispatch Printing Director Steve Hoffman said in a statement.

The system automated the process and shifted press layout to the pagination department at the Dayton (Ohio) Daily News, which acquired the software a year ago. Dayton averages more than 90 separate pressruns per week, which must “be laid out to identify the reelstands and press units that will run, the color availability, formers, etc. All of this needed to be done with consideration of how complex the resulting run will be; something only a press foreman could do,” Daily News Operations Vice President Joe McKinnon said.

“We had binders full of hundreds of press runs that we ran over the years, all laid out by hand.” Today, McKinnon added, paginators “can run what-if scenarios” for layout, and press foremen can “focus their efforts on the quality and production out on the pressroom floor.”

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