‘Columbus Dispatch’ Selects CCI Newsroom System

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By: E&P Staff

The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch signed a contract for a complete editorial solution from CCI Europe. Comprising both CCI NewsGate and CCI NewsDesk, the system will ensure a unified editorial environment.

A Dispatch team representing the newsroom and information technology staff investigated systems from numerous vendors.

“We felt that the CCI System was extremely intuitive,” Editor Ben Marrison said in a statement announcing the selection. He cited efficiencies from automated stock tables, sports agates, archiving, and posting to the Web, as well as the system’s ease of use.

NewsGate is a new type of front end and newsroom content-management system that enables full collaboration in creating multiple products at minimum cost, according to CCI. NewsDesk is designed to streamline the editorial process through to publication, regardless of distribution platform.

CCI NewsGate will provide editorial departments throughout the customer’s chain of weekly newspapers, TV, radio, and Web with an overview of stories being prepared and who is working on them. The capability is expected to enhance planning and deployment of resources, avoiding duplication of assignments among the properties, according to Marrison.

He added that the new system will bring the previously isolated graphics department into the editorial workflow, enable reporters to file remotely using a Citrix setup, and, using drag-and-drop templates for inside pages with a given design, move pages the print plant a little earlier.

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