Columnist Bob Koehler in Two Films About Voting Problems

By: E&P Staff

Tribune Media Services columnist Bob Koehler is part of two documentaries about the major voting problems in U.S. elections.

One film is Dorothy Fadiman’s soon-to-be-released “Stealing America: Vote by Vote.” The other is David Earnhardt?s “Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections,” which is currently in theaters and available on DVD.

Koehler is one of the few newspaper columnists who has frequently addressed voting problems. Indeed, his latest column released today discusses that topic — and Koehler doesn’t spare the media.

He writes: “Fair elections are not a given. They never have been, but things are worse now than ever before because of a perfect storm, you might say, of factors that have converged in the new millennium: officialdom’s seduction by unsafe, high-tech voting systems; the seizure of power by a party of ruthless true believers who feel entitled to rule and will do anything to win; a polite, confused opposition party that won?t make a stink about raw injustice; and an arrogantly complacent media embedded in the political and economic status quo.”

Koehler later adds: “We have no context for contemplating the possibility that the United States is anything but ‘the world?s greatest democracy,’ which surely explains why most of the media, including a phalanx of progressive publications that ought to be on hair-trigger alert about vote suppression and manipulation, have ignored or dismissed the glaring danger signals.

“These signals include, among much else: obscenely long lines in many African-American and student precincts on Election Day 2004; bogus voter challenges and purges; vote-flipping (‘I pressed Kerry and Bush lit up’), weird vote totals (more votes counted than cast, undervote totals that defy common sense) and an array of other ‘glitches’ in precincts that use electronic voting machines; and huge discrepancies between exit poll results and vote totals that, in other parts of the world, would instantly cast doubt on the validity of the election.”

Koehler’s entire column can be seen here.

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