Columnist Connie Schultz Back at ‘Plain Dealer’ on Jan. 22

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By: Dave Astor

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Connie Schultz will return to The Plain Dealer of Cleveland on Jan. 22, with her first post-sabbatical piece possibly running on Jan. 25.

When last interviewed by E&P the day after the Nov. 7 election, Schultz said she was coming back in January. But the exact date wasn’t certain then.

Schultz had temporarily halted her column last February to work on the campaign of her husband, Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), who ended up winning a U.S. Senate seat. He’ll be sworn in tomorrow.

What might be the subject of Schultz’s first column after her return? “I don’t know the topic yet,” she replied, “but I do know what I won’t write, which is one of those goofy, self-absorbed ‘Hey, kids, I’m back!’ kind of columns. Talk about stating the obvious! Considering how many times during the campaign I hit Sherrod with a pillow because I’d just thought of ANOTHER column I coudn’t write, I don’t think I’ll be at a loss for ideas.”

Will the 2005 Pulitzer winner once again be syndicated by Newhouse News Service? “It’s up in the air,” she said.

Meanwhile, Schultz is working all kinds of hours trying to finish her second book. (She took a brief break yesterday afternoon to speak with E&P.) Her campaign memoir — titled “And His Lovely Wife” — is slated to be published June 12 by Random House.

Schultz is heading from Ohio to Washington, D.C., today as her husband’s Thursday swearing-in nears.

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