Columnist Criticizes Media for Iran-Related Commentary

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By: E&P Staff

Tribune Media Services (TMS) columnist Robert C. Koehler today criticized the New York Daily News and other media outlets for content that may help pave the way for a war with Iran.

Koehler’s Sept. 27 column specifically referred to a Sept. 20 Daily News editorial telling Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to “go to hell” after the Iranian President asked to visit Ground Zero.

“With Iran in Dick Cheney’s crosshairs, the Daily News and other members of the media pile-on crowd descend to a level of moral repugnance that must not go uncensured,” Koehler wrote. “By exalting Ahmadinejad as the new face of evil, replacing Saddam, they once again summon forth the reptile-brain emotions of the American public and justify whatever is to come, even nuclear war. “

The columnist added: “And the pretext for doing this is America’s ‘hallowed landmark,’ Ground Zero, the spot where the Towers fell and thousands died — a spot so sacred, so respected by … well, the current administration, for instance, that George Bush kicked off his 2004 re-election campaign by hauling out footage of the horror….”

Koehler further noted that “after damning Ahmadinejad to hell,” the Daily News “had no room left to write about the unfolding Blackwater scandal and the indiscriminate firing by lawless mercenaries on Iraqi citizens….

“Gone, vanished, also were the hideous memories and images of Abu Ghraib … and the war crimes and sheer slaughter (hundreds of thousands dead) … and the EPA’s false, post-9/11 all-clear that allowed Wall Street to reopen in asbestos-rife air and embarrassing memories of the lack of adequate protective gear for the rescue workers, some of whom — as documented by Michael Moore — can’t get health coverage today to deal with their respiratory afflictions.”

Koehler concluded: “The exploitation of the tragedy of 9/11 has led this country down a dark road. Allowing an ‘enemy’ to lay a wreath at Ground Zero might signal the way back.”

The full column can be read here.

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