Columnist Hits Other Columnists for Their Take on Pastor’s Remarks

By: E&P Staff

Other columnists are among the people David Sirota criticizes in a Friday piece about the comments of Barack Obama’s former pastor.

Sirota, whose column is distributed by Creators Syndicate, writes: “Since the 1960s, bigotry has undergone an aesthetic makeover. Today, the most pernicious racists do not wear pointy hoods, scream epithets, and anonymously burn crosses from behind masks. They don starched suits, recite sententious bromides, and stage political lynchings before television cameras. For proof, behold the mob stalking … Jeremiah Wright.”

Then he takes issues with TV comments by Pat Buchanan and Charles Krauthammer, who also do columns syndicated by Creators and the Washington Post Writers Group, respectively.

Sirota writes: “Pat Buchanan billy-clubbed Wright for saying, ‘God damn America.’ The MSNBC commentator, who avoided the draft, implied that Wright, a former Marine, lacks sufficient loyalty to country. Out of context, Wright’s exclamation was admittedly offensive. But remember: It punctuated a speech about segregation….”

“Fox’s Charles Krauthammer,” continues Sirota, “berated Wright for saying the 9/11 attacks were ‘chickens coming home to roost.’ Krauthammer labeled the pronouncement ‘vitriolic divisiveness’ despite our government acknowledging the concept of ‘blowback’ — or retaliation — Wright was referencing. The CIA knows that when it supports foreign dictatorships, there can be blowback from radicals. While blowback is often immoral and undeserved, its existence is undisputed….”

The complete column can be seen here.

Sirota told E&P he wrote an extensive piece expanding on part of today’s column. It will appear Monday in “In These Times” magazine.

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