Columnist Suggests Media Be As Direct With Bush As Oprah Was With Frey

By: E&P Staff

Creators Syndicate columnist Norman Solomon, in a Monday piece, said he wishes the media would emulate a famous talk-show host.

“With great fanfare the other day,” wrote Solomon, “Oprah Winfrey asked [‘A Million Little Pieces’ author] James Frey a question that mainstream journalists refuse to ask George W. Bush: ‘Why would you lie?'”

The columnist said “many pundits and news outlets have chortled at the televised unmasking of Frey as a liar,” but haven’t pressed the president for not telling the truth about spying.

“More than two years after he started … domestic spying without warrants, Bush was unequivocal,” noted Solomon. “During a speech in Buffalo on April 20, 2004, he said … ‘a wiretap requires a court order.'”

Solomon added: “Bush lied about basic civil liberties in the United States. Instead of relying on euphemisms, the news media should directly confront him with the question: ‘Why would you lie?'”

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