Columnist Susan Estrich Writes About Her Former Law Student: Eliot Spitzer

By: E&P Staff

Creators Syndicate is offering a Susan Estrich column about Eliot Spitzer as a one-shot buy.

Estrich, who writes a regular column for Creators, taught Spitzer at Harvard Law School. Spitzer, of course, announced yesterday he was resigning as New York governor because of his involvement with prostitutes.

Among the content in Estrich’s column:

— “How could one smart guy get that stupid? He used his own cell phone to arrange for a prostitute to go from New York to Washington, D.C., to have sex with him. Didn’t he remember the stuff I taught him about how crossing state lines and using phone wires turn things into federal crimes, about the aptly named Mann Act, which makes prostitution a federal offense when you cross state lines to do it? Eight years of prosecuting Wall Street as attorney general of New York, and he was still clumsy enough in pulling money from his own accounts that his bank noted it and alerted the authorities to suspicious transactions on his account.”

— “Of course, the real issue isn’t sex, but judgment. Ruining a career you’ve spent decades building, ruining your future, making yourself vulnerable to criminal punishment, humiliating yourself and your family literally in the eyes of the world, all for a few nights in the sack with a whore? Insane. Just insane.”

— “There is only one obvious explanation for why a smart man would commit such a totally self-destructive act: He didn’t think he would be caught. It wasn’t worth it, and he knew that then as well as he does now. He just didn’t think he’d be forced to pay the price.”

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