Comic and Petition Focus on Cruelty to Carriage-Pulling Horses

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By: E&P Staff

When cartoonist Dan Piraro posted a “Bizarro” comic on his blog, he included a link to a petition.

The comic criticized the presence of carriages in New York City because the horses live difficult lives pulling the old-fashioned vehicles in modern-day, congested Manhattan.

In the cartoon, three tourists taking a carriage ride wear “I Love NY” t-shirts (with the word “Love” as a heart). Meanwhile, the disgusted horse is thinking “I Hate NY” (with the word “Hate” as a pirate sign).

After discussing the comic and the issue in the blog, Piraro offered a link to a petition to ban the use of horse-drawn carriages in New York. The petition has received more than 9,300 signatures (obviously from many sources in addition to the King Features Syndicate cartoonist’s link).

Piraro’s blog post can be seen here.

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