‘Comic Riffs’ Looks at Transition of Power in D.C.

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By: E&P Staff

Michael Cavna’s “Comic Riffs” blog at The Washington Post’s Web site has culled the many political cartoons based on President-Elect Barack Obama’s recent White House visit with President Bush, and narowed the field to five favorites.

Cavna asks readers to select which cartoon best exemplifies the visit.

The site also offers an interview, posted Monday, with laid-off editorial cartoonist Steve Greenberg of the Ventura (Calif.) County Star, in which he discusses his termination.

“I thought I was the safest person in the industry — other than Mike Luckovich,” Greenberg says. “Of the rank-and-file cartoonists, I thought I was about the safest because it wasn’t a full-time position.”

Check it out, here.

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