Comic Strip Previews for 2007

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By: E&P Staff

“Richard’s Poor Almanack” has some interesting “Comic Strip Previews for 2007.”

The installment of Richard Thompson’s feature — which appears weekly in The Washington Post — includes a picture of Snoopy in Bronze Age attire and these words: “Just when papers are running out of reruns, a cache of ancient strips dating back some 4,000 years is found.” Thompson, of course, is referencing United Media’s syndication of old “Peanuts” comics since Charles M. Schulz died in 2000.

Another of the six panels shows Dagwood holding a huge sandwich over this caption: “Terrorists take out Dagwood. Blondie dates Anthony.” Anthony is the “For Better or For Worse” character who formerly dated Elizabeth Patterson. Some readers think they’ll get back together this year.

“For Better or For Worse” is by Lynn Johnston of Universal Press Syndicate and “Blondie” is by Dean Young and John Marshall of King Features Syndicate.

The “Richard’s Poor Almanack” preview cartoon was mentioned on Mike Rhode’s ComicsDC blog.

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