‘Concord Monitor’ Makes Many Sunday Comic Moves

By: E&P Staff

The Concord (N.H.) Monitor has made major changes in its Sunday comics section.

“Since 1992, the Sunday Monitor had purchased a weekly preprinted collection of color comic strips,” editor Felice Belman told readers. “We had little control over the strips involved, and, as a result, the lineup didn’t match the weekday comics. Several strips seemed particularly stale.

“Turns out, by printing the color comics in-house, we can save significant money and offer readers what we believe is a vastly improved comics section.”

Comics added yesterday include “Rhymes With Orange” (Hilary Price/King Features Syndicate), “Stone Soup” (Jan Eliot/Universal Press Syndicate), “The Flying McCoys” (Gary and Glenn McCoy/Universal), and the “Undertown” manga feature (Tokyopop/Universal).

The Monitor is also now running three of its daily comics on Sundays as well. They are “Non Sequitur” (Wiley Miller/Universal), “Pearls Before Swine” (Stephan Pastis/United Media), and “Rose is Rose” (Pat Brady and Don Wimmer/United).

And three other Sunday comics are appearing in expanded form: “Peanuts” reruns and “Doonesbury” (both with extra panels) and “Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids” (with an extra activity).

Fifteen other comics remain, and six have been dropped. Those pulled include “Andy Capp,” “B.C,” “Hagar the Horrible,” “Prince Valiant,” “The Lockhorns,” and “The Wizard of Id.” The original creators of all those “legacy” comics have died.

Meanwhile, the newspaper reduced its “TV Monitor” section to 16 pages in what it described as “a money-saving effort.”

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