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By: E&P Staff

Ifra’s annual Beyond the Printed Word Conference will be held on Nov. 8-9 in Dublin, Ireland, where it will explore the latest developments in digital business, the impact of these trends on newspaper Web sites, how these trends can be applied, and the potential business models that emerge. Meredith Artley, executive editor of, and Elan Lohmann, publisher of South Africa’s, will chair the event.

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A new Ifra report indicates that demographics in North America and Europe are set to change dramatically over the next 10 to 15 years. For example, consumer habits will be impacted by the need to save for retirement, and although more people will be technically better trained in the future, not all will be able to keep up with growing qualification demands.

An English version of the report
is free to Ifra members and may be purchased by non-members.

Continual and radical changes in the newspaper market have made it increasingly difficult for publishers to maintain the balance among delivering quality editorial products, running newsrooms efficiently, and trying to keep costs down. A number of publishers are reorganizing their newsrooms in an effort to keep this balance. Ifra commissioned a research series entitled “Internal Reorganisation for Publishing Houses” in order to gain greater insight into the practice of editorial reorganization in newsrooms across Europe.

An English version is available free to Ifra members and for purchase by non-members.

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