Conservative Pundits Obama’s ‘Unofficial Advance Team’?

By: E&P Staff

Have conservative pundits been criticizing Hillary Clinton and praising Barack Obama partly because they hope the Republican presidential candidate faces Obama this November?

That’s the thesis of a Wayne Barrett piece in the latest issue of New York City’s Village Voice.

Barrett wrote that it’s “possible, of course, that their hatred of the Clintons was all that drove these right-wing pundits in their early targeting of Hillary, but it’s more likely that they were collectively so confident of beating the black guy in November that they became his unofficial advance team.”

Among the syndicated conservative commentators Barrett mentions in his article are William Kristol, Robert Novak, and George Will.

The entire piece can be seen here.

A Feb. 27 E&P story about Clinton formerly being a syndicated columnist herself can be seen here.

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