Controversial Famine Drawing Forces College Cartoonist to Resign

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By: E&P Staff

University of Virginia senior Grant Woolard was forced to resign from The Cavalier Daily student newspaper for a cartoon about Ethiopia’s famine.

The cartoon — captioned “Ethiopian Food Fight” — showed nine mostly naked people hitting each other with shoes, chairs, and other non-food items.

“I was not trying to trivialize famine,” said Woolard, as quoted in The Washington Post. “This cartoon brings you to the realization that there’s a famine … and in general, people give very little thought to starving people in other countries.” Woolard, who is white, added that he didn’t anticipate the strong reactions the cartoon would elicit.

Various university officials condemned the cartoon, and students — led by a chapter of the NAACP — marched to the paper to demand that Woolard be let go.

A letter to the editor in the Cavalier Daily said: “I see two interpretations of the comic: 1) Any fight between cannibals is a food fight. 2) Ethiopians are so poor that they eat things like sticks, chairs, or boots and are in fact fighting with their food. Either way the comic strip is not funny, and more importantly it is blatantly racist.”

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