Coulter Is Paid $32,000 to Give 30-Minute Speech at College

By: E&P Staff

Columnist Ann Coulter certainly gets paid well to give audiences an earful of her right-wing views.

The Gainesville (Fla.) Sun, in a story about Coulter’s Wednesday appearance at the University of Florida, noted that UF’s student-run speaker’s bureau shelled out $32,000 of its $370,000 annual budget to bring Coulter to campus. The $32,000 includes her speaking fee, travel, and lodging.

During her speech, Coulter insulted liberals yet again. The Universal Press Syndicate columnist called them “traitors,” “cowards,” and “idiots,” according to the Sun.

Jeff Adelson’s Thursday story added: “In response to a question about whether Islamic beliefs could be problematic in the creation of an Iraqi democracy, Coulter repeated what has become perhaps her most controversial comment. ‘We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity,’ she wrote shortly after Sept. 11.”

Adelson also reported: “In perhaps one of the most controversial statements in a night filled with them, Coulter said even actions as ‘horrendous’ as the genocide in Rwanda would not merit American intervention. However, she noted that the Iraq war was justified by concerns about Saddam Hussein’s desire for weapons of mass destruction and his destabilizing influence on the Middle East.”

And Coulter told the UF audience that “a college campus is the last place you should send someone to teach them American values.”

In her latest column, posted Thursday on, the commentator also questioned the patriotism of people who don’t share her Republican views. “If only liberals were half as angry at the people who flew planes into our skyscrapers as they are with Tom DeLay, we might have two patriotic parties in this country,” she wrote. Coulter added that she can’t “figure out what crime against God and man Tom DeLay is even alleged to have committed.”

Coulter also alleged that the highly profitable Halliburton “is currently losing money in Iraq in order to supply food to our troops.”

And Coulter said relatively liberal Austin, Texas, “is like [New York City’s] Upper West Side with more attractive people.”

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