Couple Who Robbed ‘Quad City Times’ Decide: ‘We’re Goin’ to Disney World!’


Earl and Julie Beasley, facing prison time and government seizure of their assets, decided to take a trip to Disney World last week. And federal authorities aren’t happy.

The divorced couple, convicted of conning the Quad City Times out of nearly $900,000, are now being accused of violating terms of their release as they await their sentencing.

Prosecutor Cliff Cronk has filed a motion to revoke bonds for both the Beasleys. He also requested the court to require the Beasleys to provide a log of expenditures, allow federal agents to inspect their house and inventory the items there.

“It is clear the defendants are unwilling to abide by the conditions of release,” Cronk wrote. “They face prison sentences, are losing their home and all of their property, and they have no employment. Considering their dire circumstances, incurring further debt such as an expensive trip to Florida is tantamount to fraud.”

Earl Beasley of Taylor Ridge, Ill., was a maintenance supervisor at the Times from 1989 until he was fired on Jan. 19, 2007. He and his ex-wife were convicted of using shell companies to bill the newspaper for goods and services it didn’t receive.

Authorities say the couple also used company credit cards to buy personal items.

Earl Beasley pleaded guilty in December to 74 of 76 counts against him. Two counts of conspiracy remain. Julie Beasley was found guilty in January of 53 counts.

The couple divorced in December. The federal government is to seize their property as part of the convictions.

The Beasleys are restricted to spending only $200 for any transaction, except for necessities such as utilities, mortgage and car payments, Cronk wrote. However, federal authorities are concerned that much of the Beasleys’ personal assets have been disposed of, Cronk said.

After a warrant was issued for Earl Beasley’s arrest on Feb. 20, federal authorities attempted to find him to no avail. They learned the Beasleys flew to Florida and returned last Monday.

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