Cox Media Group Newspapers Are Now Live On NewsEngin Editorial Software Tools

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By: Press Release | NewsEngin

Cox Media Group has selected NewsEngin’s Ampere content management software as part of a new editorial creation and distribution strategy for its newspapers and their affiliated websites, NewsEngin announced.  

The Cox newspapers that now are live on NewsEngin software are The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Austin American-Statesman, the Dayton Daily News and The Palm Beach Post and The Palm Beach Daily News.  

NewsEngin software serves as the central point for content creation, editing and distribution for Cox’s newspapers. A story can be written once in the NewsEngin system and published to multiple Cox publishing platforms with no additional work.  

As part of this project, NewsEngin built plugins into its system for Cox’s new web-publishing platform, for its digital-asset manager and for its pagination workstations. NewsEngin also added features to allow Cox newsrooms to faster and more efficiently publish breaking news in real time.  

“CMG needed a lightweight content creation and editing system that provided real-time integration with our new digital CMS, and the NewsEngin platform provided an excellent fit,” said David Taylor, Manager of Publishing Systems for Cox Media Group. “The NewsEngin team provided a solid, reliable solution that met our needs and helped streamline our content workflows.”  

NewsEngin Ampere combines end-user newspaper software and cloud-based services to drive the mission-critical journalistic and publishing processes of print and digital news organizations. For the Cox deployment, NewsEngin is using Amazon Web Services to provide high-performance cloud services with unparalleled resilience, availability, data security and affordability.  

“For more than three years NewsEngin has been using Amazon’s cloud platform to provide our customers with mission-critical services,” said George Landau, NewsEngin’s president and founder. 

“All of that experience has allowed us to provide a remarkably smooth rollout of our high-performance content-production service to all of the journalists within Cox, regardless of where they work.”  

At the core of the NewsEngin Ampere is GPS, a platform-neutral system designed to help journalists create, manage and repurpose all types of content. Sometime referred to as “newspaper software” or an “editorial front-end,” GPS helps organizations adapt quickly to the changing nature of news coverage and distribution, while also protecting legacy investments in pagination and web-publishing software.  

NewsEngin also offers a powerful, intuitive plugin for print pagination using Adobe InDesign (CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 for OS X and Windows). On the back end, GPS can deliver edited stories to a web platform for publication and to PCs and mobile devices.

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