Creators Syndicate Puts In-Development Comic Online

By: E&P Staff

Creators Syndicate is taking the unusual step of posting a comic on its site long before the strip may (or may not) be ready for newspapers.

The in-development “Dogs of C Kennel” is by Mick Mastroianni, grandson of “B.C.”/”The Wizard of Id” cartoonist Johnny Hart of Creators. (Cartooning, like many other fields, has its family connections.) The 1982-born Mastroianni is a former stunt performer and animal-shelter volunteer currently pursuing a liberal-arts degree.

Creators stated on its site that the syndicate “receives thousands of submissions every year, of which we only select a few to work with. From time to time, we come across submissions that we think have the potential for syndication down the road. The process of refining a new strip, developing the characters, rewriting the gags, and doing a million other things necessary before a finished product is ready for your local newspaper can take several years. …

“As a reader, you might be interested in watching what we consider a new experiment here at Creators. We have received a submission called ‘The Dogs of C Kennel’ by Mick Mastroianni that we think has much potential. So we will post it on our Web site, with a new strip each day, while it is still in its earliest stages. … The whole point is to give you an opportunity to see a new strip in development and watch it as it evolves. …”

Creators’ experiment was mentioned and discussed today on The Daily Cartoonist blog.

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