Credder Launches Holiday Bonus for Honest Journalists, a peer review service for news accuracy, has launched a journalist patronage model just in time for the holidays. Any credible journalist can get financial support from any reader, and Credder will work to send funds just in time for the holidays. The new model will launch with a $1,000 cash prize for each of the top five most trusted journalists on the site today:

  • The Verge’s Casey Newton
  • The Atlantic’s Taylor Lorenz
  • The Atlantic’s Adam Serwer
  • Vox’s Jason Del Rey
  • CNBC’s Lauren Feiner

“Good journalists often make the same wages as the bad ones, and we want to change that,” says Chase Palmieri, CEO of Credder. “Over the last few months, our peer review system has accurately identified honest reporting coming out of the beleaguered media industry. We want the journalists producing good work to have a nice holiday, so the Credder team worked hard to launch a financial rewards system for credibility. It’s Patreon for honest journalism.”

The new patronage model works in three steps. First, any user of buys Credits for patronage using any major credit or debit card. When a user sees an article or journalist that they trust, they can support the journalist with Credits directly from their public rating page. Third, journalists who receive patronage verify themselves with Credder, at which point the Credits are converted to cash and transferred right to their credit card or bank account.

Credder is currently covering over 300 publications, which also have profile pages. So far, the top five outlets on their Leaderboard include ProPublica, BuzzFeed News, The Atlantic, The Washington Post and The New York Times. Credder has already amassed over 2,000 public rating pages for journalists since its launch in May, 2019.

“We’re calling on everyone to support their favorite journalists during this holiday season,” says Palmieri. “Our goal is to get $100,000 in the hands of journalists by the end of the year, and millions over the coming months. By supporting journalists directly, we can free them from having to chase clicks and let them get back to providing value for readers.”

Credder aims to expand usage of its patronage model by integrating directly with publishers, something they’re already testing with some smaller outlets such as Shadowproof and Project Censored. The company also has plans to add patronage to its Chrome Browser Extension, Daily Newsletter, and upcoming iOS app. Credder has been speaking with various organizations to create regular prizes and competitions for quality journalism identified by the platform.

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