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IAPA Transcends Borders With the Web

The Inter America Press Association (IAPA), the press freedom organization for the
]Americas, has launched a Web site offering reports about working in Cuba from
journalists who work for the independent news agency Cuba Press.

The site carries op-ed pieces on press speech issues, reports on the state of press
freedom in Cuba, resolutions, and the legal context for Cuban press operations.

‘We are now at a time when the alternative press in Cuba will survive or perish,’ says
Raul Rivero, head of Cuba Press. ‘That is why the space on the Internet that the IAPA is
offering is of such vital importance. If it succeeds, it will be the way for the press
here, which resumed it role in 1995 after being silenced in the 1960s, to be saved.’

Rivero adds that ‘many of those on the island working as journalists outside of government
control see this as a great opportunity for the world to be told about what is going on in
Cuba in a professional manner and especially for the news media abroad to have access to
these reports and use them in their own publications.’

The IAPA tracks violations of press freedoms in Central and South America.


Staff reports

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