Da-Do-Rahm-Rahm: Colbert Responds to ‘Ban’ By Democratic Boss

By: E&P Staff

Rep. Rahm Emmanuel, the Democratic Party boss, made news last week when he suggested that freshmen House Democrats avoid appearing on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report, fearing they might be made to look foolish through clever editing (wouldn’t be the first time).

Colbert struck back Monday night, revealing that Emmanuel had not yet responded to his offer to appear on the show. And, claiming that clever editing was a non-issue, he sat down with PBS’s Gwen Ifill and allowed her to interview him — saying viewers at home could then twist his words any way they wanted by going to his Web site, www.colbertnation.com.

Although he said he had nothing to fear, let’s just say that it might be fairly easy to make him get high, say that George Bush is the worst president ever, and to claim that Hillary Clinton has a big rear end and might be gay.

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