‘Dallas Morning News’ Backs Obama and Huckabee

By: E&P Staff

The generally conservative editorial board of the Dallas Morning News today endorsed Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee in their party’s primaries on Tuesday. Texas also has a complicated caucus structure.

Huckabee has little chance to turn the GOP race but Texas is a key state for the Democrats. If Obama wins there, or Ohio, he will probably wrap up his party’s nod.

Here is an excerpt from the DMN editorial on Obama.

Texas Democrats have a chance to make history as they choose between two qualified presidential candidates. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton often seem to be singing from the same hymnbook, but that doesn’t mean this race is a close call.

On questions of substance and leadership style, Mr. Obama is the better choice.

In sharp contrast to Mrs. Clinton’s antics mocking his optimism, Mr. Obama has shown that it is possible to have both hope and intellectual heft. Her campaign has confused proximity to power with work experience, selectively taking credit for her husband’s accomplishments.

At times, Obama-mania has threatened to obscure the substantive differences between the two candidates’ proposed policies. A close examination shows that Mr. Obama is on the right side of several key issues.

Both senators aim to overhaul our health care system by lowering premiums and expanding subsidies. Mrs. Clinton’s more mandate-centered approach could be a tougher sell, while Mr. Obama allows for more individual choice and avoids the appearance of insurance by coercion.

Both Democrats offer a significant upgrade from the current administration on environmental and energy issues. Both plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase our reliance on renewable resources. But Mr. Obama has rightly acknowledged the need to include nuclear energy in the mix; Mrs. Clinton has hedged.

Mr. Obama has echoed many of this newspaper’s reservations about America’s flawed death penalty system. And while he still allows for capital punishment in particularly heinous cases, he championed much-needed reforms in his home state. Mrs. Clinton, at times, has been an avowed death-penalty supporter; recently, she has chosen instead to highlight her push for more DNA testing….

All in all, Mr. Obama offers Texas Democrats the best choice for leadership, for judgment ? and for substance.
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