Daryl Cagle and Cam Cardow Discuss Holiday Cartoons

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By: E&P Staff

Daryl Cagle, on his blog today, posted an interview with Ottawa Citizen editorial cartoonist Cam Cardow — who Cagle described as the “Holiday Cartoon King.”

The interviewer, whose Cagle Cartoons syndicate distributes Cardow’s work, observed that newspapers “are always asking us for editorial cartoons that celebrate holidays…. It may be an outgrowth of editors not wanting controversy, and wanting soft, happy cartoons….”

Cardow, Cagle added, gives editors “what they want” with his widely reprinted holiday cartoons.

“For me it has been a tradition at the Ottawa Citizen to draw holiday cartoons,” said Cardow. “This was a natural thing for me to do, since I evolved from being a staff illustrator many years ago to editorial cartoonist.

“I don’t think it is me trying to appeal to as many editors as possible, so that I can get more print, as it is just me drawing something different. As editorial cartoonists, we spend most of the year making political statements, so it really doesn’t bother me too much if we take a day out here and there just to illustrate life…. I think there is room for soft cartoons on certain days.”

Cardow emphasized that he also does “heavy cartoons,” but added: “Is there a rule written somewhere where we have to be heavy every day?”

To which Cagle responded: “I think most editors would prefer soft every day.”

There is much more to the interview, which can be seen here.

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