Daryl Cagle Rails Against Director of National Intel

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By: E&P Staff

America’s new director of national intelligence, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James R. Clapper, has his work cut out for him in unifying all of the United States’ intelligence-gathering agencies — and on top of that, he already has at least one editorial cartoonist pretty steamed at him.

According to The Washington Post, with the aid of a PowerPoint briefing of senior staff last week Clapper outlined his plan to bring together the traditionally separate missions of intelligence collection and analysis and streamline the intelligence bureaucracy. In doing so, he included a political cartoon by Cagle Cartoons proprietor Daryl Cagle.

Only the cartoon, which depicts Uncle Sam behind the wheel of a car and shows three children repeating, “Are we there yet?” was altered to inserted the words “Leading the IC: A Re-Set” on the bumper and added “DNI” (for “Director of National Intelligence”) to the license plate.

In a post on his blog, Cagle rails against Clapper’s misuse of his work.

“What happened to the Obama Administration’s professed respect for copyrights? “ he writes. “There is little more offensive to an editorial cartoonist than to have his cartoon stolen and altered to make a different point.”

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