Daryl Cagle Talks Devolving of Bush Images in ‘Statesman Journal’ Column

By: E&P Staff

Daryl Cagle, political cartoonist and blogger for MSNBC.com — and who runs the Professional Cartoonist Index, the most popular site of its kind on the Web — has a story on ?How to draw the departing President Bush,? on the Salem, Ore., Statesman Journal?s Web site.

?Political cartoonists are not much different from comic strip cartoonists; both draw an ongoing daily soap opera featuring a regular cast of characters,? Cagle notes, already wistful over the former Commander-in-Chief?s exit, primarily because cartoonists won?t have George W. to rely on any longer for ideas.

?For the past eight years, political cartoonists have been drawing little daily sagas starring the same main character, President Bush,? Cagle writes. ?Most people won’t miss Bush as a president, but we should all miss him as a great cartoon character.?

Cagle explains how as the years passed, the caricaturization of Bush devolved on editorial pages: ?The cartoonists soon stopped looking at photographs and started doing drawings of drawings, then drawings of drawings of drawings, so that the George W. Bush drawings morphed into strangely deformed characters that looked nothing like the real man, but are instantly recognizable because we’ve come to know the drawings as a symbol of the man.?

Check it out, here.

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