‘Denver Post’ Goes for Pod People

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By: E&P Staff

The Denver Post is one of a few newspapers that is trying its hand at podcasting. The idea is not unlike radio news: Each day snippets of stories are recorded and then converted into an audio format to be streamed on a computer or handheld.

Some podcasts can also become the audio version of blogs, said Gil Asakawa, executive producer of DenverPost.com, something he doesn’t want to happen at his paper. He told Westword’s Michael Roberts, ?Yes blogs have changed the way a lot of people think of media online, but 90% of them are still crap. They’re dairies; they’re ‘my dog had a green poop today.’ And there are podcasts that are pretty much on the same level. A lot of them are some dork in basement yammering into a microphone.?

The Post is taking a more straight-up approach covering national, local, and business news. Roberts gave the June 8 podcast a whirl and came to this conclusion, ?The approximately eight-minute ‘all news’ podcast fell short of professional radio standards, but with stations having cut back on their news operations, the offering was more thorough and comprehensive than most roundups on the local airwaves.?

During the first four weeks of podcasting, the Post had 2,000 downloads. ?I don’t know that this will ever be a huge part of our business,? Asakawa told Roberts. ?But we’ll be doing it even if it doesn’t take off, and we’ll keep doing it, because with the Internet, you can do it — and because it’s a cool thing.?

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