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By: Jay DeFoore

Are advertisers finally beginning to embrace the idea of advertising in podcasts? It would seem so from a recent report from Steve Outing on E-Media Tidbits — if the original blog post hadn?t been retracted.

On Thursday, Outing, who is also a longtime columnist for E&P, posted an item at E-Media Tidbits titled ?A $30000 Podcast Ad Buy.? In it, Outing wrote: “’s podcasts are finding some funding. Executive producer Gil Asakawa reports that the retailer Best Buy is paying for a $30,000 campaign that begins October 3. The podcasts will have a short sponsor mention at the beginning, then a longer (10-second) product-specific mention at the end.”

On Friday, the information about the size of the ad buy — $30,000 — was removed from the post and an explanation was added saying that the figure was proprietary and should not have been revealed. But later, Poynter took down the post completely, and left only the message, ?This blog item has been removed because it contained proprietary information that should not have been released by the source.?

Nowhere did Poynter say that its original report was wrong, however.

And much of the original post, including the $30,000 number, has been preserved on various blogs and search engines around the Web.

The Post, and Asakawa in particular, have been at the forefront of the podcasting revolution (more than 54 million Google results for ?podcast?). The Podcast section of offers daily audio roundups of the news and other feature stories from the newspaper that can be downloaded and listened to on portable music players.

If Outing?s original post is to be believed, is likely one of the first newspaper sites to land a five-figure sponsorship deal for its podcasts.

For more on what newspaper companies are doing with podcasts, see the Wall Street Journal’s article Papers Turn to ‘Podcasting’ In Bid to Draw More Readers.

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