Details on ‘Boston Globe’ Guild’s Tentative Deal

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By: Joe Strupp

The Boston Globe reports the new tentative agreement with the Newspaper Guild calls for an 8.3% wage cut and an additional five-day unpaid furlough.

Those combined measures amount to a roughly 10% wage cut for the Boston Newspaper Guild, which represents more than 600 editorial, advertising, and business office employees.

Other provisions include a freeze in pension contributions for many employees, an end to 401(k) matching contributions, and an elimination of lifetime job guarantees for some 190 Guild members in exchange for other concessions.

“We have a proposal to bring before members of The Boston Newspaper Guild,” Guild president Dan Totten said in a note to members e-mailed today, the paper reported. “Since each member is the final authority on contract matters, it is imperative that we bring a proposal forward that will ultimately be voted on by the entire membership.”

Globe spokesman Robert Powers declined comment.

“There is likely to be a lot of misinformation on this matter. I ask for your patience until we meet in person to discuss,” Totten wrote to the Guild membership.

“Please remain strong,” he added, “as we continue through this difficult period.”

Check out the Globe’s full report, here.

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