Did Writing Anti-Coulter Book Cost a Reuters Editor His Job?

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By: E&P Staff

A Reuters editor might have lost his job for writing “Brainless: The Lies and Lunacy of Ann Coulter,” according to The New York Times.

In today’s Times article, Noam Cohen wrote: “On Tuesday, Joe Maguire, one of two editors in charge of markets coverage at Reuters, handed his bosses the galleys of his new book. … On Wednesday, Maguire discovered he would have plenty of free time to promote his book. … Neither side in this dispute would say that he was fired.”

The book about Coulter — the controversial conservative author and Universal Press Syndicate columnist — is slated to be published tomorrow by William Morrow.

“There was a difference of opinion about the approval I received to write this book,” said Maguire, as quoted in the Times. “I thought I had met the conditions, and proceeded accordingly. As a result, I no longer work there.”

Maguire, who started at Reuters this April, said his book “looks at Ann Coulter’s arguments, and deconstructs them to show how misguided they can be. … When the political discourse has dropped to the unfathomable levels it has, someone has to say this is wrong.”

The author added that he was unable to interview Coulter for the book, and couldn’t even get her to return e-mail or phone messages left with her publicist.

According to the Times, Reuters confirmed that Maguire was granted conditional approval to write the Coulter book. When asked what changed, a company statement alluded to Reuters’ principles of “integrity, independence, and freedom from bias.”

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