‘Diesel Sweeties’ Comic Archive to Get Digital Release

By: E&P Staff

Richard Stevens will be releasing the entire archive of his “Diesel Sweeties” comic in 10 free PDF files.

“It worked for Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead — not bad company to try and keep,” said Stevens, who’s doing this to mark the 2,000th “Diesel Sweeties” comic and his Clango the robot character’s eighth birthday. The milestones are coming in about two months and next month, respectively.

The PDFs will be released weekly for 10 weeks, after which Stevens plans to put out an anniversary art book.

“Diesel Sweeties” began as an online comic in 2000, and was picked up for newspaper syndication in January 2007 by United Media. The strip — known for its “computery” look — stars Clango, his human girlfriend, and other characters.

The “Diesel Sweeties” news was mentioned today on Tom Spurgeon’s Comics Reporter blog.

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