Dilbert.com Revamping Includes ‘Mashups’ and More

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By: E&P Staff

More details are emerging about the Dilbert.com revamping that E&P wrote about this past Friday.

For instance, the site will have three different “mashups.” One allows fans to rewrite the final frame of a daily “Dilbert” strip, and the others (coming next month) will allow fans to rewrite an entire comic or rewrite one panel with the ability to share with other users and have them write the rest.

“Dilbert” cartoonist Scott Adams will participate by authoring random frames with his audience and looking to see whether strips can be developed successfully by groups.

Also, the animated versions of strips on Dilbert.com will eventually be available on iTunes Podcast, YouTube, Comcast, and elsewhere. The animation is produced and distributed by RingTales — producers of The New Yorker animated cartoons.

In addition, there’s free access to all “Dilbert” strips since 2001. Coming this summer, all comics dating back to the feature’s 1989 launch will be available. Strips are in color, and fans have the ability to search, rank, comment on, print, save, and e-mail them. RSS feeds are available, too.

And there are widgets enabling “Dilbert” to reach personal pages (iGoogle, Netvibes); social networks (Facebook, MySpace); desktops (Vista, Yahoo!); and blogs (Blogger, TypePad).

“Dilbert” is syndicated to more than 2,000 newspapers by United Media, which was involved in developing the technology and partnerships needed to revamp Dilbert.com.

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