‘Dilbert’ Strip Has ‘Naughty’ and ‘Harmless’ Endings

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By: E&P Staff

Scott Adams created both a “naughty” and a “harmless” ending for his Wednesday “Dilbert” comic.

“One version ran on the Internet and the other [the ‘harmless’ one] ran in most newspapers,” Adams wrote on his blog. “I sometimes offer alternate versions when I know newspapers will have heartburn over a particular topic.”

The first panel of the comic shows a baby walking into a meeting room saying, “Hi everyone. Sorry I’m late.” He adds in the second panel: “I have the worst case of jet lag ever. I’m still a baby in this time zone.” In the third panel, a woman says, “I don’t think it works that way.”

Adams’ “harmless” version has the baby replying to the woman: “Less talking, more burping.” The “naughty” ending has the baby saying: “Hey, I just got a crazy idea.” Given that he’s looking at the woman’s chest, the implication is that the baby might want to be breastfed.

Both versions can be seen on Adams’ blog, at Dilbert.com.

Adams thought the “naughty” version was “a bit snappier.” But the fact that most newspapers ran the blander version is “not censorship per se,” he added. “It’s just a case of the editors deciding what their local readers would prefer to see. That’s their job.”

“Dilbert” appears in more than 2,000 papers via United Media.

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