Discovery, ‘NY Times’ Film to Explore Prez Race

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By: E&P Staff

The Discovery Times Channel, in association with The New York Times, airs a documentary tonight, “Politics and the Media: A Revealing Look at How the Press Covers the Race for the White House.” The program begins at 8 p.m. EST, with a discussion led by the Times’ Todd Purdum following.

During the course of the hour, viewers will get a glimpse of how press coverage shapes the presidential contest. Other topics include how the proliferation of media has changed dynamics on the campaign trail, whether the press is biased, as well as the “cat and mouse games” that ensue between the candidates and reporters. The documentary gives a backstage view of life aboard a campaign plane, CNN’s Super Tuesday coverage, and the role of the Internet in presidential campaigns.

Jodi Wilgoren, reporter for the Times, who is “embedded” with the Kerry campaign, tells an interviewer for the channel associated with the newspaper, “A really big problem in the press corps right now is just a feeling that there’s really a total lack of access to the candidate.”

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