Disgraced GOP Pol Foley Again Mislabeled as a Democrat

By: E&P Staff

It looks like another conservative media outlet has mislabeled disgraced Republican Mark Foley as a Democrat.

NewsMax.com, a conservative Web site with content that includes syndicated columns, posted a Foley piece by Ronald Kessler yesterday that initially called the former Florida Congressman a Democrat. The error was eventually fixed but no formal correction made, according to BradBlog.com.

This was similar to what happened last week on the Fox News show hosted by conservative Bill O’Reilly, who also writes a column for Creators Syndicate. “The O’Reilly Factor” showed a photo of Foley mislabeling him a Democrat, removed the erroneous identification in re-broadcasts, but didn’t air a formal correction the next day. The show did accurately label Foley a Republican in subsequent mentions.

An Associated Press story last week also wrongly called Foley a Democrat. AP issued a correction the same day.

Among the columnists NewsMax runs on its site or in its magazine are Dick Morris of the Cagle Cartoons syndicate and Creators writers O’Reilly, Susan Estrich, David Limbaugh, and John Stossel.

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