‘DMN’ Salesman Arrested, Charged with Stealing Credit Card Numbers

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By: Joe Strupp

An employee of the Dallas Morning News has been arrested for allegedly stealing credit card numbers from the paper’s advertisers, according to a local television station.

WFAA-TV reported Thursday that Duncanville, Texas police said Steven Quinn, 29, a classified advertising salesman at the News, may have targeted dozens of victims. “We’ve identified possibly 75 different accounts that had fraudulent activity on them,” one official told the station.

Police said Quinn allegedly bought at least three laptop computers using stolen American Express cards, and had those computers shipped to his Duncanville apartment.

“All of them were going to the same address, same last name but different first name,” the official said. “All different credit card numbers [were used] and different accounts … none of them matched the address or the person.”

Police said they attempted to interview Quinn at the newspaper on Sept. 15, but newspaper supervisors initially would not cooperate. “So far [it’s been] very hard to do, if not impossible, to get them to work with us on this,” the official said.

In a statement released by the paper, Publisher Jim Moroney said the News has been “cooperating fully, and promptly notified Quinn the Duncanville Police Department wanted to question him.” The publisher also said the newspaper is conducting its own investigation.

Duncanville police also said they are looking into the possibility that other News employees may have been involved. And they believe that more victims might be found.

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